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Tips for Choosing a Hairstylist

Tips for Choosing a Hairstylist

Can we be frank about what a hair stylist is? There is a difference between someone that “does hair” and a “hair stylist.” It is like the difference between a person that tattoos and a tattoo artist or a handyman and an electrician. A hair stylist is a term that is only associated with those that have made their way to the top echelon of their industry.

Hair done right can boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. About 80% of women surveyed reported that a good hairstyle makes them feel confident. Likewise, a not-so-good hairstyle can cause your confidence level to plummet. Choosing the right hair stylist is important.

How Do You Choose?

Whether you want to do something dramatic to your hair like changing your hair color or you are simply looking for a great cut, there are steps you can take to ensure you wind up at the right hair salon.

Following the simple tips below will help you find the hair stylist that will provide you with the hair colors, cuts, treatments, and style options that help you feel great about your hair.

Tip One — Ask Around

The right hair salons have earned their reputation. Start by asking friends and family members for referrals. The best salon Knoxville has to offer will be a popular place that is often recommended. Great hair is hard to miss. If you are new to the area, it is fine to ask someone that you admire for their hair, where they get their hair done. Most people find it a compliment when you ask them about their hair.

Tip Two — Do Your Research

Online reviews are a great place to gather information about hair salons. Hair stylists often post their work online. Reviewing a hair stylist’s portfolio will give you a good idea of what type of results they offer.

Tip Three — Bring Photos

Being able to convey what look you are going for is vital to ensuring that you are matched with the right hair stylist. If you have pictures of the look, you are after, bring them with you. Making a pre-appointment consultation is a good idea. Meeting with the stylist to discuss what services you need before your appointment can help to seal the deal or keep you on the hunt for a better match.

Tip Four — Start Out Small

If you are apprehensive about a new stylist, keep your services simple. Let the stylist prove themselves to you and you can make drastic changes at your next appointment. The right hair care expert will understand your need to see their work and will be willing to build your trust.

Tip Five — Paying Less Does Not Mean a Better Value

Finding hair salons that are cheap may seem like a great find, but be cautious, a lower price does not mean the best value. Investing a little more to get a style that you love is well worth it.

Look for value and choose the best hairstylist Knoxville, TN has to offer to get the results that will boost your confidence.