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How to Know When You’ve Found the Perfect Hair Salon

How to Know When You’ve Found the Perfect Hair Salon

There are nearly 257,000 different barbershops and hair salons that sell hair care products in the United States. The question is, which one of those is right for you? And how do you know when you’ve found it?

The more particular about your hairstyle and appearance, the more research you should be doing before you book an appointment. But let’s suppose you have done all that and you’re ready to make a final decision about where to get your next haircut. What signs do you look out for to know you have found the right salon for you?

The following are some ways to know if the hair stylist you’ve found is a good one for you.

They give you a real consultation

When you walk in to meet your stylist before setting an appointment, they should introduce themselves right away and give you a real consultation. They should offer you a drink if the receptionist hasn’t already. Whether the stylist is naturally outgoing or not, they should have the social skills necessary to help you feel comfortable when you walk through the door.

However, personality isn’t everything and it’s better to find a stylist with skill than one who’s all talk. As a side note, it is not a bad sign if the stylist isn’t fawning all over you like they haven’t had a client in days: a really good stylist is a busy stylist, and doing business with you isn’t going to make or break their day. As such, your stylist should be welcoming but professional when they give you your first consultation.

They assess your hair in detail

A good stylist will not simply assume they can work with your hair type and give you the style you want. That is not confidence: that’s carelessness. Instead, they will ask you in-depth questions about your hair and your cut and color preferences. They might ask what hair products you use and what recent chemical treatments you’ve had. Ultimately, they will ask enough questions to get a feel for how you wear and care for your hair, as well as what style you’re going for.

They ask specifically about your hair concerns

Everyone has concerns about their hair. A good stylist will ask about your personal hair concerns, including what you like about your hair and what you dislike about it; your work and lifestyle and how that impacts your hairstyle; how much time you like to spend on your hair every morning; and how often you’re okay with coming to the salon. These may sound like arbitrary questions, but this is all important information that the stylist needs to best serve you as the client.

Their services are in line with your price range

As unfair as it may seem to some people, not everyone can spend $100 on a haircut, and not everyone wants to. While you shouldn’t be looking for the cheapest salon you can find, you should check to make sure a salon’s pricing structure is within your comfortable spending range.

If the stylist gets through an entire consultation without once mentioning pricing, don’t take it the wrong way — it’s not the first thing most stylists think about. Hair stylists are really artists at heart, not businesspeople. If pricing is a concern for you, just ask about it before you leave the consultation or set an appointment.

They don’t call themselves a “hairdresser”

This one may seem unexpected, but a hairstylist worth their salt will have enough self-respect to call themselves a stylist. Except in very small towns, the term “hairdresser” is almost never used in good salons.

They won’t discuss religion or politics

This one should be obvious — it typically isn’t polite to talk about one’s political or religious orientation to your clients. If the stylist starts trying to convert you to whatever creed or affiliation they’re involved with, you might want to go somewhere else. It’s not a crime to talk about these things, but coming from a hairstylist, it’s probably a sign of unprofessionalism.

If you find a salon whose stylists line up with the above criteria, you’ve probably found the perfect option for you. When you want to start a long and happy relationship with your hair stylists, rely on Grow Knoxville.